Thursday, May 26, 2011

dubai islands

The entire development is for mixed-use, but with separated regions for a variety of purposes. With several island types, the project offers more potential for investors, developers and end-users. The island types available at The World development includes. Dubai-based major real estate developer Nakheel, consists of 300 artificially constructed islands making up a 300,000 square foot archipelago on the Gulf Ocean. Sheikh Mohammed to seven-time Formula One winner Micheal Schumacher in October 2006. Many world sports icons and Hollywood stars are rumored to be owners of several other islands, although most of it's speculation and not yet confirmed by the main developers. In October 2007, the Shanghai Island was bought by Chinese businessman, Bin Hu, for $28 million and he is expected to place a bid for the remaining five representations of China.

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dubai islands

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