Monday, May 16, 2011

chicago beachs & beachs hotels

There is live commentary on board and as we were sailing through, we went past the hospital that was spectacularly blown to pieces by the Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight. The movie was filmed mostly in Chicago. the better to view this great city, it would have to be the John Hancock Observatory. You can see the skyline much better from here; included in the price is a pleasant audio commentary by David Schwimmer from Friends fame. The Skywalk lets you experience the scenery around you (very windy!) and the feeling of just how high up you really are. Don’t look down if you suffer from vertigo! Unfortunately, the glass Skywalk for Sears Tower was closed so we had to settle for the 99th floor. By the way.

chicago beachs pics

chicago beachs photos

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