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india mumbai beautiful places

india mumbai
mumbai goa haiway picture
india mumbai

gate way of india mambai beautifull place

india mumbai devi mata mander
india mumbai
mumbai city busey city pics

agra taj mahal india pictures the sembol of love

history of taj mahal !!
Taj Mahal stands in the city of Agra, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, on the banks of the Yamuna River. It was built in the memory of the beautiful Arjumand Bano Begum, who won the heart of a Mughal prince.It is one of the most flawless architectural creations of the world. Since the 17th century, travellers have crossed continents to come and see this ultimate memorial to love, and few have been unmoved by its incomparable beauty.In AD 1628, Khurram became king after a bloody battle of succession: he took the name Shahjahan or “King of the World” and showered his beloved begum with the highest titles. She became Mumtaz Mahal, the exalted of the palace and Mumtaz-ul-Zamani, the exalted of the Age. But Mumtaz Mahal was not destined to be queen for long.

taj mahal india
taj mahal india
taj mahal india
taj mahal india
taj mahal india
taj mahal india
taj mahal india sembol of love

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egypt city beautifull pictures

egypt city pics and wallpapers
toworest enjoyed in egypt city
egypt city musium
egypt city pics
egypt city beautifull beach

egypt historical places

some introducation of egypt history!!
The lake was created in the 1960s when the world famous High Dam was built. Together with the old Aswan Dam (built by the British between 1898 and 1902) it provides irrigation and electricity for the whole of Egypt. It is named for Gamal Abdel Nasser, president of Egypt from 1956-1970. The southern third of the lake is in Sudan and is called Lake Nubia. The lake is 312 miles (480 meters) long and covers an area of 2026 square miles (5,248 km2). It has a maximum depth of 426.5 ft (130 m) but its mean depth is 82.6 ft (25.2 m). The Egyptian portion is 202 miles (324 km) long and has a shoreline of 4,875 miles (7,844 km). Part of the area Lake Nasser covers today was once the site of the temples of Abu Simbel, built by Ramses II around 1200 B.C. The temple was moved but other sites of historical significance was submerged. Lake Nasser has arguably the best freshwater fishing in the world for both Nile perch and Tiger Fish. There are also several species of catfish; the legendary giant Vundu being the biggest. Two species of Tilapia also inhabit the lake and give a good account of themselves on a fly rod. All told there are some thirty two species of fish in the lake.Most of the time, a dynasty consisted of a related family of rulers, though sometimes dynasties seem to have been broken up due to the establishment of a new capital. In a number of instances, modern Egyptologists believe that he may have been incorrect about the end of a family line.
Even today, the power that an ancient Egyptian pharaoh commanded in ancient Egypt and the resources under his control can seem staggering. One need only think in terms of the Great Pyramids, the wealth of gold and the grand temples to gain some understanding of their power.
egypt pics
egypt beautifull arkitecture
egypt wallpapers
egypt lost king firghon picture
egypt images

egypt the great and big stachoo

pakistan sindh provence mohenjo daro artifacts houses & civilization pictures

moenjo daro the lost city pictures & wallpapers
mohenjo daro beautifull arkitecture and design
mohenjo daro houses
mohenjo daro civilised city
mohenjo daro streets and roads
mohenjo daro arkitecture
mohenjo daro city
mohenjo daro in the map
mohenjo daro beautifull lost city
mohenjo daro pictures
mohenjo daro pictures

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pakistan northern areas beautifull landscape & best for towerests

pakistan northern areas
pakistan northern areas
pakistan northern areas
pakistan northern areas
pakistan northern areas
pakistan northern areas
pakistan northern areas

pakistan lahore tourist places

badshahi mosque lahore
lahore fort front view
badshahi mosque in side the great arkitecher
beautifull view of lahore fort
out side view of lahore fort the sembol best arkitecher

pakistan karachi amazing places & some introducation

karachi is the largest city, main seaport and the main financial centre of Pakistan, and the capital of the province of Sindh. With an estimated population between 13 million and 15 million Karachi is one of the world's largest cities in terms of population the 13th largest urban agglomeration and the 4th largest metropolitan area in the world. It is Pakistan's premier centre of banking, industry, and trade and is home to Pakistan's largest corporations, including those involved in textiles, shipping, automotive industry, entertainment, the arts, fashion, advertising, publishing, software development and medical research. The city is a major hub of higher education in South Asia and the wider Islamic world.
Karachi is ranked as a Beta world city. It was the original capital of Pakistan until the construction of Islamabad and is the location of the Port of Karachi and Port Bin Qasim.Karachi was known to the ancient Greeks by many names: Krokola, the place where Alexander the Great camped to prepare a fleet for Babylonia after his campaign in the Indus Valley; 'Morontobara' (probably Manora island near Karachi harbour), from whence Alexander's admiral Nearchus set sail; and Barbarikon, a port of the Bactrian kingdom. It was later known to the Arabs as Debal and was inhabited by the Bawarij Sindhi Muslim community with trade links as far as Basra and Sofala.
Karachi was founded as "Kolachi" by Sindhi and Baloch tribes from Balochistan and Makran, who established a small fishing community in the area. Descendants of the original community still live in the area on the small island of Abdullah Goth, which is located near the Karachi Port. The original name "Kolachi" survives in the name of a well-known Karachi locality named "Mai Kolachi" in Sindhi. Mirza Ghazi Beg, the Mughal administrator of Sindh, is among the first historical figures credited for the development of Coastal Sindh (consisting of regions such as the Makran Coast and the Mehran Delta), including the cities of Thatta, Bhambore and Karachi.
karachi amazing place paradise point hawksbmery wather tower near naytyjeti brigd
karachi amazing places
karachi sea side in evening
karachi amazing place in night
karachi natijeti brigd view
karachi city pictures
karachi city in night
the bulk of which occurs during the July–August monsoon season. Winters are mild and dry, while the summers are hot and humid; the proximity to the sea maintains humidity levels at a near-constant high and cool sea breezes relieve the heat of the summer months. Because of high temperatures during the summer (ranging from 30–44 °C (86–111 °F) from April to August), the winter months (November to February) are generally considered the best times to visit Karachi. December and January are dry and pleasant as compared to the hot and steamy summers that dominate through the late spring (March) to the pre-monsoon season (June). The city's highest monthly rainfall, 429.3 mm (16.90 in), occurred in July 1967. The city's highest rainfall in 24 hours occurred on 7 August 1953, when about 278.1 millimetres (10.95 in) of rain lashed the city.The All Pakistan Music Conference, linked to the 45-year-old similar institution in Lahore, has been holding its Annual Music Festival since its inception in 2004. The Festival is now a well-established feature of the city life of Karachi that is attended by more than 3000 citizens of Karachi as well as people from other cities. The National Arts Council (Koocha-e-Saqafat) has musical performances and mushaira (poetry recitations). The Kara Film Festival annually showcases independent Pakistani and international films and documentaries.
Dreamworld Resort, Hotel & Golf Club incorporates a water park, an amusement park, golfing, and sports facilities; Safari Park, which includes "Aladin Water and Amusement Park", is a themed water and amusement park. Arena features various indoor games, including Karachi's first ice rink. Sun Way Lagoon is another ticket-based water park. There are various other parks and amusement places of different size and activities. Over the past few years, many of Karachi's shopping malls have added entertainment zones to attract visitors. Numerous farm houses on the outskirts of Karachi are also a booming trend.
Karachi has several famous golf courses: Karachi Golf Club, the oldest golf club of Pakistan; Dreamworld Golf Club, which is also Pakistan's only flood-lit golf club, situated in Dreamworld Resort; DHA Golf Club, Acacia Golf Club, and Arabian Sea Country Club. Several others are under development and are expected to be announced in 2011.
For those interested in history, Karachi has the Mohatta Palace Museum, Quaid-e-Azam House Museum, National Museum, and Makli Tombs.
Some famous restaurants include: Sea View, Boat Basin, Arizona Grill, Evolution, Copper Kettle, Lal Qila, Pearl Continental Hotel, Pearl Continental, Avari Tower, Sheraton Hotel, Lasania, Usmania, Clifton Grill, and China Town.
Most major international food chains (e.g. KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Pizza Express, Domino Pizza, etc.) have a strong presence in Karachi.
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