Saturday, May 14, 2011

chicago hotels photos

downtown Chicago, hotel guests will find a musically inspired atmosphere where Art Deco meets the art of hospitality. Stylish and forward thinking, our contemporary ambience blends seamlessly within the walls of the iconic Carbide & Carbon building, a historic Burnham masterpiece fashioned from green terra cotta and black polished granite. Service at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago is second to none, with a team of professionals standing ready to welcome you. Our four-star quality blends with practicality, and guests will appreciate the extras afforded to them - including complimentary Chicago offers unique and upscale accommodations in the heart of downtown Chicago. Frequented by musicians, celebrities, and fans alike, our downtown Chicago hotel on Michigan Avenue combines exceptional service standards.

chicago luxery hotels pics

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  1. You are planning to visit a particular location and you have no choice, but to stay at a hotel. Staying at a hotel is a good decision since you will definitely get good food and good services.

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