Saturday, January 1, 2011

dubai tallest building pictures

Dubai is known for its amazing and unique real- estate projects. Burj Al Arab, world’s tallest and Costliest seven Star Hotel. World’s tallest Building The Burj Dubai is under construction and will finish in September 2009. Emirates Towers, Palm Island are also a proof of Dubai’s ambitious real- estate projects. And now Dubai ready for another innovative skyscraper project. It is a new incredible project of Rotating Tower.
How Rotating Building in DUBAI?
Dubai’s “Rotating Tower in Motion” building is concept by architect David Fisher. This building is based on dynamic Architecture. Keeping in mind the weight of the wings, are made from Carbon fibers. The Building will change its shape constantly.

In the history of the skyscrapers it will be the first to build with industrial system process where more than 85% of the building materials will be produced and constructed as modules in an industrial factory which is set up in Jebel Ali, Dubai. All the modules will be assembled mechanically. After completing the parts it will be sent to the construction site and then assembled in that middle Core. The Staircases, Elevators, Plumbing and other related utilities will be build on construction site. These key facilities will build using traditional techniques. All the floors, which are made from the factory, are completely finished and self contained with electrical, plumbing as well as air-conditioning systems ready for use.

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