Saturday, January 1, 2011

dubai aquarium beautifull pictures

The newest, highly awaited shopping mall in the U.A.E was at last relinquished open for the public. Dubai Mall is one of the largest and spectacular malls in the world that offers outstanding dining, leisure, shopping experience and superb entertainment. I was quite alarmed by the note that in such less period of time, another pride of this Arab country stood nearby the perimeter of Burj Dubai (which is acknowledged as the tallest skyscraper of the world). It was amazing how people from different races packed the place because of its world-class attractions particularly the Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Center. Well, having been in Dubai Atlantis last month, I thought the aquatic experience remained right there, but here was equally fun. A vast fibered-glass replica of the ocean world displayed impeccably over 33.000 marine creatures including sharks, stingrays and schools of fish. And judging by close encounters, there were many kind of things I never thought they as-a-matter-of-fact existed.

Although there was quite a long queue, we waited patiently to walk through the 48-meter underwater tunnel. And that oh-my-God, gray-skinned shark flashed its sharp jaw against the glass wall that made my hair stood on its end.

The aquarium is at the foot of the world's largest building -the Burj Khalifa, also owned by Emaar Properties. It had to shut its viewing deck after a lift malfunction earlier in February.

The humongous sight of a massive crustaceans freaked the heck out of me. I have never seen like it before having six long legs the size of 12-inch ruler. A zoomed capture of its exotic face expressed threat and stillness. Right at the top that looked like kite fishes to me rushed around the aquarium in a close group. It's amusing to see how fast they were, creating a kaleidoscope impression.

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  1. Beautiful..There are really a lot of things to explore in Dubai. I'm sure the kids would love to have luxury Dubai holidays.


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