Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Most Dangerous Bridges in the world

Bridges are built for a fast and secure transport, but there are bridges around the world that are not that safe to even pass through them. The people living near these bridges have to cross them frequently are no longer scared walking in these bridges since they are used to it, but for those who are new or has plans of visiting them, certainly should be warned.
Most Dangerous Bridges pics
rope bridge is also located in a tropical rainforest will bring you closer to the mother earth. You will be guided by a tour assistant through the secret ways in this national park as different kinds of plants and animals awaits you. Pygmy elephants, civet and forest buffalos are some animals that are soon to be extinct can still be seen here in Kakum Park.
Most Dangerous Bridges
suspension bridge is not only used by human beings but by animals as well. Natives of Nepal bring their animals with them as they journey along this way. Every day, hundreds of cattle walk through to get to the other end of the bridge.
Musou Tsuribashi Bridge is the oldest in the world and it’s old age makes it look dangerous. It has been there for 50 years. This is a suspension bridge made out of ropes and boards can be seen in the Japanese Alps. You will have a mind blowing and blood-gushing experience, when you walk on this bridge when wind is blowing.
Most Dangerous Bridges images
Most Dangerous Bridges

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