Saturday, April 23, 2011

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The survey assesses the cost of living by comparing housing, food, clothing, transport and utility bills and the like in 132 cities around the world.And because the EIU converts all data into dollars to better compare prices, the strengthening euro played a big role in this year’s rankings.
The euro has gained nearly 20 percent versus the dollar during the past year. Last winter, a euro traded for about $1.28. During the year 2009 the exchange rate was more than $1.50.
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The study is aimed at helping companies calculate allowances for executives and their families being sent overseas.
Read more: Paris is the most expensive city in the world LUXUO Luxury Blog of modern france democracy. But while Americans have enjoyed the political and institutional stability of the "one and indivisible Republic" for over 200 years, the French since 1789 have experienced a succession of short-lived regimes: a Directoire, a consulate, two empires, two monarchies, and five republics, as well as the Vichy regime during World War II. In France, as one President of the Fifth Republic has noted, political crises tend to lead to institutional crises which threaten the regime itself. In such moments, the French have thrice heeded the call of charismatic and prestigious leaders (Napoleon I, Napoleon III, and Marshall P�tain) whose temperaments and politics paid short shrift to democracy. But twice they have turned to General Charles de Gaulle, who led the French Resistance against the Nazis and, in 1958.

paris city hall

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paris city in night

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paris city in night picture

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